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Smoke Mainnet Has Been Launched!

Today marks a milestone all of us have been eagerly awaiting…  As I post this the first mainnet blocks have started being produced... Read More

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Blokt - Blockchain Takes Legalized Cannabis to the Next Level

By now, no one should be surprised that attitudes about marijuana are changing... Read More

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Smoke Radio Episode #3 - Introducing Advisor - Kief Preston

In this episode Smoke Radio host, Anxious Stoner introduces our latest advisor... Listen on YouTube

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Use The Bitcoin - Cannabis Blockchain Project Signs Up Users for ‘SMOKE’ Airdrop

An innovative blockchain project is being developed that would pay its users in cryptocurrency... Read More

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Ethereum World News - Smoke Network Launches Airdrop For Decentralized Cannabis Social Network

A new blockchain project has launched offering a global airdrop to cannabis users who are interested... Read More

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Coin Idol - Cannabis-Oriented Smoke Network Set to Launch With DPoS Blockchain

A cannabis blockchain project hopes to disrupt the cannabis media space by unleashing a decentralized social media platform... Read More

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Marijuana Politics - Blockchain Social Network Seeks to Make Online Marijuana Censorship a Thing of the Past

Leading social networks like Facebook have drawn their fair share of criticism over... Read More

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Smoke Radio Episode #2 - Starting & SMOKE

In this episode Smoke Radio host, Anxious Stoner interviews the Co-founder of Smoke Network, Paddy420, on the beginnings of our first cannabis media brand... Listen on YouTube

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Cannabis Finance News - Cannabis Cryptocurrencies 101

There’s no doubt about it – cannabis is driving cryptocurrency to record levels. Back in January, this was confirmed by Tim Hockey, CEO of TD Ameritrade. ... Read More

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Smoke Radio Episode #1 - Cannabis Crypto & Market Size

A pivot is a major change in a companiesIn this episode, Smoke Network host Anxious Stoner interviews co-founder of Smoke, Joe Burner... Listen on YouTube

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Lift - How four cannabis companies are using blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a public, decentralized ledger where verified information cannot be deleted... Read More

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Cannabis Culture - New Blockchain Social Network to Fight Cannabis Censorship Online

A new blockchain startup, Smoke Network, is launching that hopes to create a safer... Read More Small Logo Cannabis Culture


Medium - A Smoke Network Tale Of Two Pivots…

A pivot is a major change in a companies core value props. Choosing when, and especially how to change directions within a company is a tough.... Read More

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The Merkle - Smoke Network Launches Blockchain That Rewards Its Users for Cannabis Content

Smoke Network, a community-driven social network, hope to solve a number if issues in the global online... Read More

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Community - Earn Cryptocurrency Posting Stoner Content With Blockchain Startup Smoke Network

The cannabis social network area is hot among TECH start ups as many people are not ... Read More Small Logo


Weed News - Blockchain Cannabis Social Network To Put An End To The Mindless Censorship Of Cannabis Pages

All cannabis business will be familiar with the mindless censorship employed by social media giants... Read More

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California Weed Blog - A Social Network That Rewards You for Smoking Weed is Here!

Does a social network that rewards its users for smoking weed sound too good to be true? Think again. Smoke Network is a social media DApp... Read More

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Hail Mary Jane - Smoke Network Launches Blockchain Based Cannabis Social Network

Users tired of popular social media sites who love to smoke may have a new way to get their social media fix. A blockchain company.. Read More

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CCN - Get Paid to Toke with the First Cannabis Social Network on the Blockchain

Most marijuana users will agree that a job description including lighting up all day is a concept that many may find too tempting to resist.... Read More

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Ganjapreneur - New Blockchain Social Network Rewards Cannabis Fans with Cryptocurrency

A startup blockchain business has set their eyes on the cannabis community with the hopes of creating... Read More

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DecentralizedTV - Decentralizing Cannabis Social Networking?

Are you a cannabis recreational user? Ofcourse you aren't. You wouldn't be. PFFF. Course you wouldn't do that guys... Read More

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NewsBTC - Blockchain Cannabis Social Network Aims to Put an End to Online Cannabis Censorship

Despite growing calls for legalization across the globe and in the US, many marijuana users... Read More

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Steemit - Co-Founder of Bitshares interviews TheAnxiousStoner 🔥

In this Whaletank session, Co-Founder of Bitshares, @officialfuzzy, Interviews TheAnxiousStoner about the SMOKE.NETWORK... Read More

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Medium - A Mutual Aid Society for Stoners…

In a world controlled by centralized governments, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a society and and a living community that is truly free from discrimination... Read More

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Steemit - Are Celebrities Starting To Sit Up And Take Notice?

While this has been debunked that a large media group is driving his recent bout of ICO interest, there are other celebs that... Read More

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Medium - Why A Decentralized Cannabis Network You May Ask?

It all started a few years ago. . . I guess more than just a few. The year was 2013 and cannabis was still very much taboo online.. Read More

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Announcement - Introducing Smoke.Network, A Cannabis Network YOU Control!

Tired of spending tons of time on social media while corps sell your personal info and spam you with ads? Well, we are tired of that too and... Read More

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Steemit - Paragon Coin Or The Smoke.Network?

Actually it was never a fight. You can't compare the incomparable! Both of these projects are trying to do something different, but only the main ingredient is the same... Read More

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