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Raised: $250k

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Problems & Solutions

We have created a cencorship-resistant social network
and ecosystem tailored for the cannabis community.

Problems with

  1. Blind censorship of cannabis pages and cannabis content causes harm to legal cannabis businesses

  2. Blind censorship of cannabis pages and cannabis content causes harm to legal cannabis businesses

  3. No incentives or rewards for users who create high quality content

Relationship with Providers

  1. Greedy centralized companies with a 'walled garden' approach Intrusive and annoying advertising

  2. Privacy concerns, 'data mining' and no ownership of data by users

Our Solution

  • Users get paid content they post on the blockchain

  • A social network owned by its users

  • Censorship resistant blockchain database

  • Innovative features and superior user experience

  • Viral marketing and community marketing strategies

  • A passionate community who's interested are aligned

ICO & Coin Values

The SMOKE cryptocurrency is not like other cannabis coins as it has different functionality to just a store of value or transmitting money. It is the backbone that runs the Smoke Network blockchain and will power important aspects of the network including content rewards for high quality content.

May 25th 2018

Sold in ICO

Number of Investors
Total Coins

ICO Final Rate
$0.1 = 1 Smoke

Minimum Purchase

Raised: $250k

Coin Distribution

Allocation of sale funds

Business Functions
Product Development

We have partnered with the world's leading global cannabis legalization organization NORML to donate two percent of all ICO proceeds to helping the global legalization movement.

The core of the Smoke Network holds all your keys, funds, messages and posts in a simple and secure way.
  • Simple Account Creation & Recovery
  • Send & Receive Smoke with Zero Fees
  • Create Posts on the Blockchain
  • Vote on How New Coins Are Distributed
  • Connect with Likeminded Users
  • Send Encrypted Messages


Smoke.Network is a social network tailored for the cannabis community and powered by a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain and SMOKE is the coin that powers it. To learn more read our about page, pitch deck or whitepaper. Our first minimal viable product (MVP), is currently in development and is scheduled to be released in Q3 2018.
The SMOKE cryptocurrency is not like other cannabis coins as it has different functionality to just a store of value or transmitting money. It is the backbone that runs the Smoke Network blockchain and will power important aspects of the network including content rewards for high quality content. It will also have additional use cases such as buying advertising credits on the DApp in SMOKE and unlocking new features for the app and website.
SMOKE can be used for 1. increasing your voting power on all Smoke Network DApps including (more chance to earn additonal SMOKE by curating and producing high quality content), 2. sending SMOKE to another user or wallet, on-site or on an exhange, 3. purchasing advertising slots on Smoke Network for cannabis based businesses via our Ad auction system, and 4. unlocking additional features on the network that are reserved for users holding a minimum amount of SMOKE in their account.
The DPoS Smoke Network blockchain allows for free transactions utilizing a bandwidth based model, as such all new accounts are seeded with a small amount of SMOKE POWER allowing the user to post, curate and use the blockchain freely, without censorship.
At Smoke Network we respect all cannabis cryptocurrencies in the scene and their ideas for a better future with cannabis. That said, we have been careful to position ourselves as the only decentralized cannabis social network on the market and the only cannabis project aimed at the social networking and media space. We are also the only project in which we believe our Coins have direct utility value on our social network for the average user. To read more visit page 52 of our whitepaper.
We value the US and Chinese crypto communities immensely, but at the same time we want to ensure that our project is not bogged down by any legal red tape from countries that are not yet fully supportive of ICOs. As such citizens from these countries are blocked from the Smoke Network ICO due to unclear regulatory rules by their governments. That said, users from these countries will still be free to use Smoke Network on launch and are welcome to contribute to our project by being an active part of the community.
The SMOKE Sale will start in Q2 2018, after our MVP launch, and will last approximately 5 weeks. If all coins available for sale are sold out, the SMOKE Sale may end prematurely.
You will receive an email on how to claim your SMOKE coins after the main-net launch estimated to be completed in Q3 2018.
We already have an extensive list of top tier exchanges we plan to formally apply for listings with as soon as our main-net launches to help new users gain access to features on our platform via purchasing SMOKE. We will be targeting international exchanges and are actively in the process of researching requirements and approaching exchanges to explore all our options and find the ones that are a good fit for our network.
Base coin sale price: 1 SMOKE = 0.1 USD, calculated as the price of BTC at the time of purchase. Early contributors will benefit from a bonus timeline.
To take part in the SMOKE Sale, you need to agree to all of our terms and sign up to our mailing list. Note that the coins are limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The mailing list will be sent an early invitiation to the sale as well as a detailed instruction on how to contribute.
If the hardcap is not reached by the end of the sale all remaining SMOKE coins will be placed into a foundation trust whereby it will be distributed to new users that sign up to the Smoke.Network and add influence or value.
Once the SMOKE main-net has launched a swap event will occur on the DEX allowing you to trade your SMOKE UIA for SMOKE coins at a 1:1 ratio and withdraw them from the DEX through a Bitshares gateway.
SMOKE will be airdropped to those that participate in our bounty airdrop campaign found by clicking the button in the bottom left corner of this website or visiting the airdrop page. Participants will be issued SMOKE according to how many valid entries they have participated in similar to an IBO (Initial Bounty Offering).

Smoke Team

Jonathan Hunter

CEO / Founder

Jonathan has over half a decade experience in both the cryptocurrency and cannabis niches and has a thorough understanding of blockchain technology as well as the needs of cannabis users, investors, and growers.

Patrick Meier

CSO / Co-Founder

Patrick has half a decade experience in the cannabis niche and is a contributor and moderator on multiple popular cannabis social media pages spanning over 1 million followers from all across the world.

Joseph Ashburner

CMO / Co-Founder

Joseph is the founder of a number of successful online publications and authority sites and brings year of experience in successfully launching and marketing profitable websites and applications to the team.

Tuan Pham Anh

Blockchain Developer

Tuan is Co-Founder and lead developer for Peerity, a social connection and activity platform that connects communities and organizations together, with a goal to provide tools for communities to thrive. Tuan's dev skills are to be reckoned with. Taking on a roll as our blockchain dev, he is always there when we need him.

Team Josh

Josh Stuart

Engineering Advisor

Currently an engineer and web strategist at Horizon State with over 10 years experience leading teams and building technology in all sectors. Formerly Josh founded and developed an extremely successful e-commerce platform into a multi-million dollar revenue earning business. Josh brings a well executed approach and project guidance to the team.

Nicu Robert G

Front-End Developer

In the last 8 years Nicu developed a wide range of responsive websites and applications using PHP, mySql, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX), xHTML, CSS(3) including the creation from the ground up of small and big projects alike, from presentation websites to a network of real-estate websites with build-in administration.

Team Tuan

Jo-Ann Coetzee

Outreach Manager

Jo-Ann is head of outreach. She has successfully launched awareness campaigns for SABR as well as currently running the successful SEO branch for Viking Corp, a successful digital strategy company. Her expertize in email outreach is second only to her marketing approach, with an uncanny ability to close almost every deal.

Team Nathan

Nathan Stern

Security Advisor

Nathan is Chief Security Officer. He successfully participated at the Cyber Security Challenge Germany two times and scored the #1 place with his team. Nathan overseas pentesting and security in general. With a keen eye for bugs and proven to be able to handle pressurized situations, he instills a security ethic that surpasses other cryptocurrency projects.

Team Josh

Damien Clayton

Community Manager

Damien is an HR professional and customer relations guru who has been charged with taking over Smoke Networks community management. With experience as a grow shop owner coupled with years of professional experience in HR and marketing, Damien has a solid understanding of ins and outs of how to nurture the budding Smoke Network community.

SMOKE Advisors

Marek Lorinc

Corporate & Finance

I believe Smoke Network has a high chance of success in the blockchain industry..."

Harrison Jordan

Leafly Writer / J.D. Law

The Smoke Network is a solid community driven project, driving innovation in the space..."

John Hesterman

Amazon AWS Architect

I'm constantly impressed by the high caliber and domain knowledge of the Smoke Team..."

Kief Preston

Best Selling Author

Undoubtably one of the strongest brands to hit the cannabis scene in years"

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